American girls dating indians who was khloe kardashian dating before lamar odom

Of course, a man who sees her as a trophy wouldn’t respect a simple ‘No’.

The concept of consent and respecting someone’s choice wouldn’t occur to him.

And this ridiculous Indian mentality is common knowledge.

Women know that most guys hitting on them would never be cool with the idea of the women of their house being with men.

They find it hard to come to terms with the fact that their girlfriends can be more ambitious, stronger, more successful and famous or earn more than them.

The ‘male ego’ is a brittle little thing, it’s true.

He would either persuade her till she blocks him on social media, or follow her till she changes her route.

Thanks to Bollywood, they think stalking her, intruding her private space, forcing her into something is how it’s done.

It was okay to crush on a girl, even discuss her with other male friends, but ‘against the gender’ to walk up to her and just talk.

That explains why some Indian men think it is perfectly okay to ogle at her even at the cost of making her uncomfortable and scared.

It is okay to pass comments on her, discuss her with their friends, see her only for her heaving bosom and swaying hips.

I assume (and hope) you carry that sensibility on your own while reading this piece.

More often than not, an ‘average Indian guy’ approaching a girl won’t end up well.

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