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Anything short of that, you are going to continue to see these racial disparities and you are going to continue to see biased enforcement. KB: I think a lot of it comes from the public telling their legislators that they’re ready.

As we know, public opinion gets there a lot quicker than our lawmakers get there. We’re saving people from being involved in the criminal justice system.

According to a 2013 report by the ACLU, "The Maryland War on Marijuana in Black and White," the state of Maryland arrests people for possession at one of the highest rates in the country, arrests black people at higher rates than whites in every county in the state, and arrests of African-Americans increased by 5,614 between 20 while white arrests increased by only 371.

Now, once there is legalization, those resources can be deployed more effectively so that's going to obviously help everyone in all communities.You're also going to have the benefits of not having friends and family deal with the collateral consequences of a marijuana arrest and then depending on how ‘tax and regulate’ is enacted, there can be really great provisions, including legislation that actually diverts tax income from marijuana sales to the communities that have been most damaged by the drug war.So that can be a really good benefit to communities that have suffered the most under marijuana prohibition.So what it comes down to is, it's going to be biased enforcement. KB: So, the Drug Policy Alliance believes that marijuana needs to be legalized and regulated in a manner similar to alcohol.When we make marijuana legal, we are going to get rid of the racial disparities in arrests.

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In 2014, there were 2,964 arrests of African-Americans for possession of marijuana and 239 for whites in Baltimore.

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