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"It's well known that ancient civilizations liked to build at the base of volcanoes, because the land is fertile. If that dating estimate proves accurate, it would mean that an ancient civilization had designed and erected these vast stone structures in the Americas only 500 years after human settlements first became organized in cities and states.

The structures are on a plateau that forms the bottom of what is thought to be a mud volcano, 650 to 700 metres beneath the surface of the ocean and along what is clearly a geological fault line. One tantalizing possibility, entirely speculative for now, is that if the legendary sunken continent of Atlantis is ever proven to have existed, these structures may have been submerged during the same cataclysm. Weinzweig simply says that more information is needed. This is something of great potential scientific interest, but it must involve serious authorities on ancient civilizations." The precise age of the underwater site is also unknown, although Cuban archeologists in 1966 excavated a land-based megalithic structure on the western coast, close to the new underwater discovery, said to date from 4000 BC.The drug in Chantix and other smoking cessation products, varenicline, may increase the risk for cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, arrhythmias, unstable angina, and peripheral vascular disease, according to results of an observational ... Since 1988, some prescription and nonprescription drug produc...According to the CDC, getting an annual flu vaccine is the single most important step you can take to protect yourself from influenza – a group of viruses that sends hundreds of thousands of Americans to the hospital each year. Research shows that maintaining friendships and other relationships can help improve our health as we age.(Image: Atlantis' (Dean Clarke, BLS)interpretation of radar image) Click and drag photo to resize.Script from The Java Script Source Geologists have recently hypothesized that a land bridge once connected Cuba to Mexico's Yucatan peninsula.

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Zelitsky passionately believes the megalithic structures her crew discovered 2,310 feet below the ocean's surface could prove that a civilization lived thousands of years ago on an island or stretch of land joining the archipelago of Cuba with Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, about 120 miles away.

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