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what would you guys suggest if she doesnt write back? i met this girl on the subway before christmas, got her number and told her ill call her before new years. so i tried some time later again and she wrote something like 'i really dont have time to meet any time soon, when i do i will let you know'.

just give it one more shot in about a week or something and give up if nothing comes out of it? so basically i thought that that was that and nexted her.

If they really were too busy to hang out, they would have said something to the tune of "I'm super busy this week with studying for exams so I can't but next week I'm free, call me! These chose those words because it's a nice way of letting you know they're not interested. One told me that the weekend was super busy for her... I was dating this girl for a while and towards the end of the relationship I became into this other girl.

Its like you have to 'approve' her, and not the other way round (because you (or i am) are aesthetic as fuaaaarrrk).

Just be cool and chill When you are not texting her she will think "oh no he doesn't like me, and he wil be seeing other girls besides me " hehe.

If she doesn't have 5 minutes to return a phone call of a guy she likes (or maybe she doesn't like me, but that's a whole nother situation), then what makes her think she has any time to develop a relationship? This may be one of the few times I ever agree with you, but it will have nothing to do with introvert/extrovert...

Now I know you're gonna flame me for "just because she didn't answer or call back right away?? A call back the same day would be nice, not late night the day after. I don't find that an attractive quality to say the least. I mean I consider myself a busy guy, I have 9-5 job, I work out like 5-7 days a week, I play baseball 2-3 times a week and mostly on weekends, I joined a co-ed volleyball team, I just signed up for guitar lessons...that doesn't make me so busy that I cannot answer my phone for 1 second, or even be too busy to return a phone call for over 24 hours.

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