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On the other side of the planet at the South Pole the story is pretty much the same.A study this year by states that the Southern Ocean, which occupies a massive 14% of the world’s surface, plays a fundamental role in ocean and atmosphere circulation — and thus climate — and found that it has produced a cooling trend since 1979.“There is no trend evident from the summed subpopulation numbers from the PBSG status reports. “We hypothesize that when polar bear subpopulation trends are evaluated by both M-R sampling and TEK; notable differences are most likely due to errors in scientific methodology rather than mistaken TEK.” 4. We did not find evidence for intentional misrepresentation of polar bear subpopulation numbers or trends from TEK, aboriginal organizations, or co-management wildlife boards.“We suggest that the difference between scientific and TEK in this case is partly caused by institutional (science establishment) reluctance to accept TEK as a valid test of correspondence between scientific predictions and observable reality (Aars et al. The TEK we report for Canadian polar bear subpopulation trends was a consensus from all of the sources cited above, which we believe to be a comprehensive list of available sources on the TEK for polar bear subpopulation trends.” 5.“Scientific studies have not always agreed with TEK on subpopulation trend (e.g., NB, SB, SH, and WH), but . “Though dietary changes have been attributed to sea ice changes limiting access to primary prey (ringed and harp seal; Thiemann and others 2008a), evidence for bears foraging on land-based foods (Dyck and Romberg 2007; Rockwell and Gormezano 2009; Gormezano and Rockwell 2013a) – reported as typical behaviour by most participants here – might also suggest an opportunistic feeding strategy (Thiemann and others 2008a).” 7.Alternatively, we are aware of multiple occasions when TEK accurately identified polar bear subpopulation trends before new scientific studies had been conducted that corroborated the TEK (S6).” 6. “If polar bears have existed for the last 4 million years, they would have emerged during the mid-Pliocene approximately 1.25 million years before the onset of northern hemisphere glacial cycles (Bartoli et al. If polar bears emerged any time prior to or during the previous glacial cycle, they would have persisted through the Eemian interglacial period. “This suggests that bears pursue readily available food sources even in the presence of preferred ones (Gormezano and Rockwell 2013b).Currently the USA emits roughly half as much as China does.

What’s worrisome is that the southern hemisphere surface is mostly ocean.

“Fundamentally a disaster” Germany’s EEG feed-in surcharges are currently costing more than 24 billion euros annually, according to the German here, designed to refute climate skeptics, unfortunately in fact represents an intellectually subterannean SRF alarmism theater, which uses arguments as a “hammer against skeptics”. Yet no one is challenging that it has been getting warmer since the end of the Little Ice Age beginning in 1850.

But why was nothing said about how the melting glaciers of today are uncovering tree trunks from even warmer periods of the Holocene and that as a result were at much higher elevations and smaller in size than they are today?

Have you ever wondered why the opposition and European elitists are freaking out? Trump has performed extremely well under the most hostile of circumstances, and accomplished a lot: Now the huge tax reform bill moves to the President’s desk for signing. Also countries across the world are going to face pressure to follow suit and reduce the burdens placed on their own citizens. “Would have been one of the great catastrophes” He reminded the packed audience that he had promised “It costs us a fortune. Russia doesn’t have to go back to like a recent date; they go back to somewhere like the 1990s, which was a high pollution time. This would have been one of the great catastrophes.” US has already significantly cut emissions Over the past decade the USA has already substantially cut back its “greenhouse gas” emissions, by an amount that equals Germany’s total annual output – something that never gets mentioned in the media.

The planet has gone from the bleak prospect of global high taxes and extreme climate regulations, to one of low taxes and plentiful, cheap and clean energies. Paris Climate Accord-promoting Germany on the other hand, has not cut its emissions in almost a decade.

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