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My biggest concern prior to hearing the song was that it was going to be over-produced and we would lose the vocals.

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It was really difficult to keep your hands off each other. Couples counseling might be something to consider for deeper insight. Look into her eyes and don’t be in a hurry to look away.

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As we approach a vote on the UK's membership of the European Union, we look at what 50 writers, actors, historians, artists and comedians have said about Europe and its nations.

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At the door, he takes a windbreaker off a peg and goes on out. Nodding, he starts to look down, an inch at a time. Brody dips into file drawers for the appropriate forms. BRODY If this is going to work, you've got to keep current stuff out here, and put 'closed' files in there. Brody slips behind his typewriter, putting paper in the machine with the effortless ease of years of practice. He touch types, hardly ever looking down, checking his notes and listening with one ear to Polly. so overstocked that beach umbrellas, aluminum deck chairs, and rainbow beach towels splash a surplus of color from the display window to the sidewalk. HARDWARE STORE DAY The store proprietor is busy at work on an inventory list with a mainland delivery man. ON THE BEACH AT AVRIL BAY - DAY Two older Seascouts look on with stop watches and clipboards, while some Parents shade their eyes from the sun, watching their offspring. MEADOWS ..Bill Mayhew almost caught him in his net...? VAUGHN (taking Brody aside) It's all psychological, anyway. You yell 'Shark' and we've got a panic on our hands. MAN AND HIS DOG As Alex and the boys hit the water, we see the man throwing his stick into the waves, his dog swimming strongly after it. DENHERDER Is that 00 bounty on the shark in cash or check? The dizziness stops on a book page showing a black and white rendering of eight species of shark. In the background some workmen are taking down the shutters from a quaint summer cottage. OCEAN AND PIER - NIGHT Selectman Denherder and his buddy, Charlie, a professional angler, row towards a tumble-down jetty that leads fifty feet out into the black water. Charlie takes out a monster hook and together they push the wheelbarrow onto the rickety pier that is only about five feet across. The chain is coming out so fast that it begins to drag the wheelbarrow to the end of the jetty. CLOSE - PILING A lineup of five decrepit 2 x 4 inch pilings SNAP with a resounding CRACK. Charlie has reached the last pylon toward open sea, and his hands clamber for a hold. You knew it was dangerous, but you let people go swimming anyway.