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The two hit up Trust Hair Salon in West Hollywood on Saturday ... we asked if they were officially more than friends.

While George Clooney has been busy flaunting Stacy Keibler on every awards show red carpet this season, his last girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis, has gotten her hands on a new Hollywood bachelor—Steve-O.

Yes, Steve-O, the 37-year-old "Jackass" star who is famous for stunts such as tattooing his face on his back and being ejected into the air in a port-a-potty slingshot.

Canalis, a 33-year-old Italian TV host and model, is best known for appearing on Clooney's arm up until July.

"[Our vacation] was beautiful but at the same time a nightmare," she says.

"Italy was full of temptations for him." PHOTOS: Clooney's many women The former TV host says cultural differences–and her temper in particular–also proved a problem for the pair. I once threw a telephone in the face of a boyfriend who was sleeping.

She also briefly dated “True Blood’s” Mehcad Brooks in the fall.

Steve-O Pleads To Congress To Ban Experiments On Chimpanzees Clooney Who?Since the summer break up, Canalis has appeared on "Dancing with the Stars" (she lost) and briefly dated actor Mehcad Brooks.And now, the "Jackass" and the underwear model have confirmed their relationship "with their mouths" (as TMZ so aptly put it) in these PDA-heavy photos."That relationship is over, it's all in the past," she says.; They're not serious yet, but they are definitely hanging out, and hooking up.

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, the model, 33, opens up about how Steve-O's struggles to stay clean drove the two of them apart after just four months together Saying that she'd like to "try again" with the reality star, Canalis explains that though her ex has been clean since 2008, "not all is resolved" with his addictions.

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