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At some point in 2015, Scott Storch started working with two brothers, Brad and Seth Cohen.The brothers claim have gotten involved with Storch after his June 2015 bankruptcy filings.In early 2015, he plans to release a four-song EP of melody-driven EDM, drum’n’bass and trap that he wrote, performed and produced almost entirely himself.The club scene shot at Mansion appears in the video for the first single, an infectious dance track called "Your Light.""I always said that someday I'm going to sing on a record," Storch, whose smooth vocals calls to mind Calvin Harris, says during a break in shooting.nk (then still Pink), and another for Christina Aguilera.2003 was Storch’s first collaboration with Beyonce, with “Bad Boy” and “Me, Myself, and I.”In 2004, Storch helped produce “Lean Back,” a club track by Fat Joe and Remy Ma for Terror Squad.

Scott Storch’s first real breakthrough was the track “Still D.

On a scorching Wednesday in August in Miami Beach, Scott Storch is blasting a new dance track of his from the elevated DJ booth at Mansion nightclub.

Puffing on a Marlboro Red and dressed in designer jeans, spotless white Louis Vuitton sneakers and a gray Diesel T-shirt emblazoned with the words "Mr.

His addiction quickly went beyond reckless spending, and started to affect his career.

He left Janet Jackson waiting in his studio for over five hours.

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In the mid-2000s, his run on the Hot 100 was virtually unparalleled: He was the creative force behind Beyoncé's "Baby Boy" (nine weeks at No.

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