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Summary: Two couples rent a large sailboat for their vacation.While out on the water they decide to trade spouses and try new parings.We were both determined to make the most of these years when men lusted for us.With the boys sold off as sex slaves for the day, we decided to just hang out and have fun.I was thinking about seeing a guy back on the mainland and him wink at me. I was worried my cock would fail me, but as the escort led me up on the platform I was proud of my cock as it pointed straight ahead. I saw women reaching between his legs and squeezing his ass. Heidi led me to a building in which she said her room was located. Very much." "Good, on your knees and suck on my clit until I tell you to stop." I dropped to my knees as she sat in a chair and spread her knees wide. I ran my tongue across her lips and they tasted nice. Get on the bed and point that cock toward the ceiling." I am still thinking about Carla as I sit on the couch with Beth. She does not say anything at first, she is just staring at me and idly fondling me. You are very handsome and I would like to dominate a man.The auction was pretty much as I expected, except for the gay couple who were bidding on me. I followed at the proper distance keeping the leash tight as she led me to the second floor and down an exterior walkway to a door about half way down the building. She pulled the leash and I followed her into the room. It was as if she had put some type of flavoring on them. Normally expectations have men as being dominate and women are expected to be submissive.Her husband Sam is a great lover and his cock feels just as good as my own husband's, but it is different.I love Mike and while I really like Sam and enjoy him fucking me and sucking his cock, he is not the man I love.

I had a personal mission that I knew was probably not possible.Seeing Mike at that woman's feet and playing with his cock and his balls was fun.I am proud of both our men for playing along with Erin and me.We even had Allison help us make them think they were going to be bought by a gay couple.We never would have let that happen, but we were not telling them.

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