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And you'll never have to deal with a raised seat again! And there's the practical matter of making him ready to accept your own piss, should you choose to use him in that fashion.

Because they go numb, I do ask my slaves to put them on and remove them 5 times -- 2 minutes on, one minute off. And, the threat of extending the chastity period for slacking is usually quite persuasive.Just to add to the effect, I make my slaves-in-training (or punishment) perform this ritual five times per day, including and especially at least once in the middle of the night. I think it best to always emphasize a slave's vulnerability by ordering him to remain naked throughout as much of the day and night as possible.As I said, our goal is to get our slave in training to mentally associate his desires with submission to pain for our pleasure. Similarly, other signs of his status are important.But how to get there without spending your every moment in the dungeon? But you shouldn't need more than a few hours a week so focused. Any man losing control of his cock to you is automatically putty in your hands. Better, get him to read it while you record him before he signs it.The rest of the time, you need to set out a structure of slave training tasks to train your former lover's mind into that of a true slave. Let's face it -- that's where half his brain is normally. With the keys in your hand, and no chance of release, his chastity will be a constant 24x7 reminder of his new status. Probably one of the most compelling things you can do to his head is to have him sign a slavery contract. But once he's uttered the words "I am your owned slave, mistress", he will remember them always...

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