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The most striking of the legal differences between France and Alsace-Lorraine is the absence in Alsace-Lorraine of strict secularism, even though a constitutional right of freedom of religion is guaranteed by the French government.Alsace-Lorraine is still governed by a pre-1905 law established by the Concordat of 1801, which provides for the public subsidy of the Roman Catholic, Lutheran, and Calvinist churches and the Jewish religion.His policy was realized in Metz by the establishment of extensive open areas surrounding the Moselle and the Seille rivers and the development of large pedestrian areas.As a result, Metz has over 37 m With a thermal efficiency above 80%, the 45MW boiler of the plant provides electricity and heat for 44,000 dwellings.The transport facilities found in the conurbation, including the international high-speed railway, motorway, inland connections and the local bus rapid transit system, have made the city a transport hub in the heart of the European Union. International companies such as PSA Peugeot Citroën, Arcelor Mittal, SFR, and TDF have established plants and centres in the Metz conurbation.

Saint Louis' square with its vaulted arcades and a Knights Templar chapel remains a major symbol of the city's High Medieval heritage.

Important barracks, mostly from the 18th and 19th centuries, are spread around the city: some, which are of architectural interest, have been converted to civilian use, such as the Arsenal Concert Hall by Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill.

The extensive fortifications of Metz, which ring the city, include early examples of Séré de Rivières system forts.

Lows can be much colder through the night and early morning and the snowy period extends from November to February.

The shortest day is 21 December with hours of sunlight; the longest day is 20 June with hours of sunlight.

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A historic garrison town, Metz is the economic heart of the Lorraine region, specialising in information technology and automotive industries.

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