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Before I had time to protest, or react, Kathryn sat on the couch, flipped me onto her lap and continued spanking me, even as I tried to break free of her grip. " She corrected firmly, "It's Kathryn." I had always called her Kat, everyone did, but not wanting any more of her wrath, I corrected, "I won't do it again, Kathryn." Her tone instantly softening, she said, as she began gently caressing my pantyhose-clad ass, "That's good." Her sudden soft touch was such a contrast to the sharp pain that I was again paralyzed, my mind and body conflicting with what was transpiring..pleasure-pain principle clearly at work.

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Some new girl quit without warning before we left the states," I said. I finally looked behind me and saw Kathryn, a black colleague of mine, staring at me.

The girl, whose name I couldn't recall, couldn't handle being away from her fiancé for such lengthy gaps. She continued her scolding as if she hadn't just caught me half naked and masturbating, "You left the fucking keys in the door again." I pulled my hands out of my panties and pantyhose and began to move when she roared, "Don't you dare move!

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